This magnificent castel was built in the classical style of all castles and gardens in the Toulouse Area in the 18th century.

Inside the castle’s gardens is a theme park, called Enigma, hidden away in the largest boxwood maze in Europe. It is up to you to solve the riddles in order to open the water doors and gates to escape the maze. This year, you will get to follow the life of the most famous scientists of all time ! Discover some of the greatest inventions that are ever been created.

If you love history, there is a “Dedale” option, which will allows you to wander through without gates or riddles, allowing you to discover its historic clearings and paths.

Included in the Dedale tickets is the guided tour of 6 of the castle’s rooms. With this tour, you will be able to see the surprising Chinese room as well as the spectacular ancient tapestries.