Merville Castle offers two kinds of visits :

  • Enigma : A fun and interactive visit in the Europe’s largest and most majestic boxtree maze. During the Enigma visit, you will have to solve riddles, get yourself out of traps, open water gates and cross the Magic River using the correct passwords
  • Dédale : Wander through the maze free of gates and codes, discover its clearings and paths from the 18th century, or discover the inside of the majestic castle, with its Chinese room and its spectacular tapestries. Guided tour included

Openings days and hours

On May, June, September and October :  Merville Castle is open on saturday, sunday and bank holidays from 10:30 to 6pm (no entrance after 5pm)

On July and August : everyday from 10:30 to 7pm (no entrance after 6pm)

November holidays : everyday from 10:30 to 6pm  (no entrance after 17h)


Individuals prices




A few recommendations

Please look after this treasured environment. The labyrinth, gardens and decor are fragile.

In order to maintain their beauty throughout the season, it is strictly forbidden to
Damage the decor
Pick flowers and plants
Write on panels and decor
Pass through the hedges
Steal any object on display
Walk of the paths
Damage to the labyrinth would be irreparable and jeopardize the future visits to the gardens
We kindly remind you that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times