Maze – parcour enigma

Long story short...

The largest boxwood labyrinth in Europe is established towards the east of the castle, the Park stretches in front of the façade, begins with a terrace of a hundred meters long and then follows the slope of the ground in the extension of the terrace. Umbrella pines delimit a wide walkway whose impressive 600-metre perspective extends the row of lounges and has as its escape point a green niche. In a real staging, you can see the foliage of the park being cut out following the doors with the scalloped trunks.

Perspective provides a sort of continuity with the interior space, and Merville really becomes aware of the close relationship that, in an era fascinated by Rousseaus ideas, these country houses maintained with nature.

A stones throw from this magnificent view, the boxwood labyrinth unfolds its range of alleys that seem to be carved out of blocks of greenery. Unlike the large perspective, designed to associate the castle with the vegetation, the boxwood labyrinth, which spans 4 hectares, was designed primarily for the walker.

Once upon a time. . . Tales & Legends

Le Labyrinthe du Château de Merville invites you to discover a game set in the heart of a sumptuous labyrinth dating back to the 18th century. Actor of your visit, revisit the adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood, the Snow Queen or the Little Poucet. Learning while having fun in an exceptional historical setting, this is the adventure that the Château de Merville Labyrinth invites you to live.

Your mission if you accept it: answer the riddles, go through interactive gates and water gates, and write the key code that will allow you to exit the Labyrinth and return your diploma in your pocket!

A fun course dotted with stories, legends and animated films!

For the joy of exploration
10 interactive obstacles only secret codes allow you to open gates and water gates
40 display panels rich in visual and textual content
5 clearings for well-deserved stops and games

The logbook

An interactive logbook given to participants at the entrance to the labyrinth allows them to record all the discoveries (clues, secret codes, results of the games), and thus to be an actor in their adventure.


«A great idea, learning, having fun and walking around! That’s great! »
«An unexpected afternoon . . . It’s a good and beautiful discovery! »
«Super adventure with our children from 16 months to 16 years old. . . a real treat!»
«Extra! Also for adults!! »
«Thank you, it was really good. It changes museums! »
«It was great, I liked the labyrinth! Especially the code-bearers! It was great ! »

Enjoy your visit to the largest boxwood labyrinth in Europe!


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